Cornell Tech Admissions


This application is user-friendly and accessible on any device, e.g. Mobile, PC, Tablet, iPad, etc. You can work on this application at any time, but a session time-out will occur after 3 hours. Please use the buttons on the page to navigate between pages. Using your browser's back button may result in a loss of work.

Regarding the "Prefill with " feature

You have the option to prefill information regarding your contact details, education and employment history using your LinkedIn profile. We recommend that you check this data for accuracy and completeness as you fill the rest of the application. Your application is not complete after you prefill. If you are not a LinkedIn® user but would still like to share more about yourself, please feel free to send us a link to your online profile. For example, your Github page or other links to your work.

File Uploads

Documents up to 5MB can be uploaded for submission. Larger files will take longer to upload. Some mobile devices may not support document uploads.